3 reasons not to use the cloud storage

3 reasons not to use the cloud storage

3 reasons not to use the cloud storage

Recently, there has been a lot of rumours about the privacy issues and the security of cloud services. And since almost everything we do on the internet now happens in the cloud or is in some way connected to the cloud  (including most of the things we do with our mobile devices), we felt the urge to speak up on this matter. Below you will find 3 reasons why you should NOT use the cloud. Remember - they are very subjective, and if you feel that you disagree fully with these statements, go to our facebook page and write what you think!

1. The sole idea of the cloud sounds very unattractive

Your data belongs to you. Why would you put them in some unknown place belonging to somebody else? It stands on the contrary to privacy rights and the idea of privacy. The technology is changing so fast nowadays, that in the urge to try the novelities, new apps and devices, we forget about the safety of our data and give away our privacy ourselves, just like that.
Most of the applications and programs stores some data in the cloud. Be it cookies which are said to be anonymous, or your login info which we consider a very delicate data. Aditionally, you can store your files in the cloud, which means that you consciouslly give away your privacy and accept the risk that somebody else wi access and see them.

2. You don?t need it

The way we use our phones determines  our needs in terms of storage. If you fit everything you need on the local memory of your phone / laptop or tablet - why would you store anything in the cloud? On the other hand, we fully understand the concept of expanding local storage by using cloud services, but we would rather have the additionall space on a second hard drive than in the cloud.

3. It?s risky

As we mentioned in the first paragraph - the idea of having your personal data somwhere else than your own device does not feel comfortable. And there are more and more cases of cyber crimes - their number growing as fast as the number of people connected to cloud?
Defending the idea by saying that nobody is interested in your files is not convincing. Our data belongs to us and should be properly secured. How about the security systems in big companies? They are no better - remember the last data theft from Apple? Many of our (yours?) logins and passwords fell into wrong hands.

Bottom line

We suggest that you think about the idea of cloud privacy on your own, and decide whether you want to use it or not. There certainly are many advantages, but on the other hand, you have to be conscious about your privacy and the negative aspects of the cloud. For those of you, who still want to stick to the cloud we are preparing a set of useful information about the most popular services.
Images taken from Androidpit and Syntax.
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