Prisma app - artificial (artistic) intelligence

Prisma app - artificial (artistic) intelligence

Prisma app - artificial (artistic) intelligence

Prisma is quite new on the market. You may be familiar with it. It does one thing and one thing only - it applies a filter onto your images. It works in a similar way to Instagram filters. But does it really?  Then why did it get downloaded 7.5 milion times in a first month, and acquired over a milion of active users?

Idea behind Prisma isn?t quite new on the market. There are many applications that let user alter their images by applying filters. Ones are better than the others - we personally trust and use mostly Instagram for this purpose. So what makes Prisma so special and distinct?

Founding and statistics

The author and founder of the application is Alexey Moiseenkov - a Russian from Moskov. He has created and app in just a month and a half along with his team of developers. Prisma has been released firstly as an iOS only application in the beginning of June. In a week it became the most popular and trending application in Russia and it?s neighbours. In the middle of June Prisma was released on Android smartphones too, which in a week after got downloaded more than 1.7 million times and processed more than 50 millions of users images. The author claims that he didn?t advertise or promote the app in any way.

In a month, Prisma has reached 7.5 million downloads on iOS. Overall, at the end of July the application has been downloaded more than 12.5 millions and the active users number has jumped to 1.5 million people.

What is it all about?

Prisma is not like the other apps. It doesn?t overlay an image with a filter, which is a simplified description of almost all the other applications available on the market. The success of Prisma lies in artifical intelligence. Thanks to a neural network, the application first analyses and learns about the image we want to process. Then, using a chosen algorythm it recreates an image in a different manner. So what id does, it basically created a very new picture, rather than alter the original one.

The algorythms are predefined and recall the artistic works of known painters - Mondrian, Munich, Picasso and many more.

The catch

Prisma need an internet connection to work - the processing part is done on the servers of the owner, not on our device. What is more, Prisma claims the rights to use our images in the future, without notifing us.


How to use Prisma?

Firstly, you need to download it. Do it via  official App Store or Google Play and pay attention - there already are a few scam apps that resemble Prisma and try to get to your precious data.

Application doesn?t require setting an account, nor connecting it with our existing social media. However, it need?s an active internet connection to work.

Secondly, you need to take a picture or choose an existing one from your library.

Then, the most pleasant part - experiment with and choose a filter. There are more than 20 already, with more coming.

Lastly, save your photo. Prisma by default adds it?s logo to your picture but you can turn it off in the settings of the app.

Bottom line

What is your experience with the app? Are you an active user? Applications like this arevery interesting - they change the way we play with existing media. How? Facebook and Instagram after Prisma arrived have been flodded with images created by prisma. And right now it is still an important part of what we post to facebook. We can easly say, that prisma has altered our reality in a way.

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