How to dry a wet phone?

How to dry a wet phone?

How to dry a wet phone?

Smartphones are becoming more important than our computers. We can do more and more from the devices right out of our pockets, Along with the increase of the funcionality of our phones, we can observe an increase in their prices. And the higher the price - the bigger our discontent, when we accidentally drop the device into the water. But it is not the end - when handled properly, there is a big chance you will not need a new phone - just follow our lead:

5 steps to remember

  1. First and foremost - do not turn your phone on. It?s probably the worst thing you can do, given the possibility of a short-circuit, which will surely destroy the device. If your phone is on after the contact with water, turn it off. Then, remove SIM card, memory card and battery - if you can.
  2. If you can detatch any parts of your phone - do it. Cases, backcovers and other moving parts have to be removed, and if they don?t consist of any electronicall parts, dried out with a towel or paper towel.
  3. The most important step. You have to get rid of the moisture that is inside the phone as quickly as possible and as effectively as possible. There are two possibilities here and the choice is yours:
    1. First methos is a bowl with rice. Place your device in the bowl, add rice to cover it all and wait 24h. Rice is highly hygroscopic and should get all the water from the phone. You will read on the internet that rice may not be the best idea due to starch and dust, but we don?t believe it can be more dangerous than the water inside.

    2. Second method is to place your phone in a sealed box or bag containing silica packets - the one you always get with new shoes and had no idea what to do with. They will do the same job as the rice, minus the alleged dust and starch.

  4. If your phone has waited 24 hours and you think it might be the time to get it out - you probably should. Firstly, assemble it but without SIM card and memory card. If you can turn it on and it works, proceed to next step.
  5. Turn the phone off. Insert both cards (or just SIM, if you don?t have a memory card) and again turn it on. If nothing suspicious is happening, you have one last step to take - plugi it into power and see how it reacts.

Clock bomb

You should be aware, that even though your phone survived bath, it is not fully safe. If there was any moisture inside it, there is a huge possibility that it will cause corrosion. It is not a matter of ?if?, rather of ?when?. Your phone can break suddenly few months or years from now.
It is also worth noting, that there are special recovery points, where prefessionals can help you with a wet phone. Although you have to remember, that time is not on your side and the longer you wait, the more damaged the phone can be - sometimes it is better to take care of it yourself.
If you want to feel free and safe, we reccomend having your phone insured against almost everything or investing in a waterresistant phone cases - although they don?t always seem to work?

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