How to clean Lightning and Micro-Usb ports in your phone?

How to clean Lightning and Micro-Usb ports in your phone?

How to clean Lightning and Micro-Usb ports in your phone?

If you use your phone like we all do - frequently and constantly, there is a thing you have to be aware of: your smartphones ports will get clogged with dirt and lint, along with any other holes you may have in your phone. If you happen to have an Android phone with detachable back cover, the dirt will get there too. You can?t prevent it, unless you have a dirt and water proof case. However, you should remember to clean your porst every now and then, no matter if your phones has the micro usb or lightning port, or all new USB type C.
Dirt and linen in your port dosn?t seem to be dangerous but it can be. Firstly, the dirt can cause your phone to overheat, which can lead to faster battery usgage or short circuits on the main board. Secondly, it can disrupt the normal charging cycles of your phone. If enough lint gathers inside yout port, it can distance the charger and the inside part of the port, resulting in your phone not charging.

On your own risk

Cleaning your ports - if done improperly  or too agressivly - can be dangerous for your phone. If you don?t know how to do it, visit the nearest gsm service shop or POS, and let the professionals do the work.

Cleaning Lightning port

If you are an owner of the new iphone, equipped with all new Lightning port, this paragraph is for you to read. First of all, get to know the insides of your port. To do this, prepare a flashlight (can be a second phone you own) and look into your port. Check, if it is filled with any dirt and lint that you can see. If you are sure there is something inside, go to step two.
In many GSm store, people suggest using paper clips or toothpicks. Proffesional service at Apple store suggested a ver clever solution. Instead of using objects that can break easily, use a SIM card ejector you got with your phone. It is made of liquid metal and thus is very resistant and won?t break. Use it to carefuly get all dirt out, and check it twice with your flashlight afterwards.
After the rescue mission, plugin in your phone. If you can feel the difference in a way your cable connected with your phone, and it holds more firmly than before - you will know that you did a good job and your ports are clean.

Cleaning micro-usb ports

With micro-usb ports the cleaning part is a little bit trickier - inside it, there are many delicate parts - pins and boards, that can be easily damaged by a toothpick or paper clip. We have a better solution for you: use a can of compressed air. Remember to let go any gathered water, as it is a byproduct of condenstaion. Then, in a few short bursts clean the ports. Finally, check again with a flashlight.
Ports cleaning should be done at least one a year. It is enough time for lint and dirt to gather inside them. If you don?t feel like doing it - visit the nearest gsm store or POS, and let the professionals do their magic.
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